Toolkit for Leaders & Organizations

Coaching tools to help leaders & organizations

Our passion at Momentum Coaching is to help you, your Organization, or your Business get where you need to go.  Simply put, this involves detailed analysis, presentation of options and outcomes, shifts in thinking, concepts and culture, and creative solutions toward desired results.  Creating Momentum and positive change in relation to people, businesses, and organizations is our goal.

Momentum Coaching provides professional coaching in the following key business/organizational areas:

  • Executive Coaching,
  • Management Coaching,
  • Performance Coaching,
  • Business and Organizational Development Coaching,
  • Strategic Planning, Clarity, and Precision,
  • Coaching For “Bench Strength” and Developing Leaders, Both Internal and External,
  • HR Coaching,
  • Soft Skills Coaching,
  • Small Business Coaching,
  • Partnering Around Brand Creation, Analysis, and Transition / Marketing
  • Corporate Training and Coaching Processes

In the organizational space, be it profit-based or non-profit organizations, Momentum Coaching has been successful in combining training workshops and individualized coaching. By facilitating highly effective 4-40 hour training workshops, and then providing one on one coaching for each participant, Momentum Coaching has helped to accelerate leadership and organizational development, and professional and personal development, within the organization.


We have developed several tools which we use in both personal and group coaching contexts, which become crucial partners in helping clients understand themselves, and understand key concepts, which will help them move forward easily and naturally. These tools form frameworks for thinking and operating which pay for themselves many times over.

  • Emotional Intelligence – Analysis, Training, and One-On-One CoachingUnited around the table
  • Social Intelligence – Analysis, Training, and One-On-One Coaching
  • Organizational Culture Shift- Analysis, Training, and One-On-One Coaching
  • Fully Engaged Coaching – Training, Coaching, and Tool-Kit
  • CMP – Changing My Programming™
  • Path & Programming™
  • Discovering Your LIFEFIT™
  • The CVA Tool™ – Core Values Audit Tool
  • The ELFL Tool™ – Essential Life Factors Locator Tool
  • The WLB Tool™ – Work Life Balance Tool
  • The LIB Tool-Kit™ – Leading In Business Coaching Tools
  • Business Planning Tools – From marketing to management, to time to thinking strategically, to collaboration to creativity, we have a tool for you and/or your organization!
  • Public Speaking Tools – Many have a passion for public speaking, but lack finesse, either around the Preparation Component, the Planning Component, or the Presentation Component. One of the best ways to grow your business or to reflect yourself as a true Professional l is public speaking. These tools will help you key in on these areas and learn to speak with passion, clarity, and effectiveness. Please see The Speech Mastery Course.
  • Tools For Developing Seminars – One of the best ways to grow your business is offering seminars, workshops, and learning sessions. Many have a passion for this, but lack finesse, either around the Preparation Component, the Planning Component, or the Presentation Component. This tool will help you key in on these areas and develop seminars with passion, clarity, and effectiveness.
  • The LFL Tool™ – Leadership Factor Locator Tool – The effectiveness of your organization and strength of the organization from a leadership perspective, based on one-on-one evaluations of your leaders and team members. Incorporates “Leading To Your Strengths”… A leadership coaching and leadership development tool, taking anyone’s core L.I.F.E.F.I.T.(personality, gifts, talents, passions, education, life experience, etc.) and guiding towards more effective leadership. A detailed locator of each team member and leader in the group.


Every tool listed above has been used in a workshop setting, where we move from the one-on-one to the group setting. Businesses, groups, and organizations have found that these tools also work well in any setting larger than one, and with the effective use of “workshop dynamics” (coaching, teaching, role-play, creativity, etc.) bring value to the whole team present.


Other workshops offered include:

  • Getting Where You Need to Go
  • Soft Skills, People Skills
  • Leadership 101, Leadership 201, Leadership 301
  • The Effective Manager
  • SAARS – Self-Awareness, Self-Actualization, and Self-Realization Series
  • The 9-Step Journey Towards Personal Wholeness and Healing
  • Partnering with Difficult People
  • Conflict Resolution 101
  • Many Others


Abe Brown has been a keynote speaker for groups ranging from 10 people up to 5000. A dynamic, passionate and humorous speaker, Abe is known for effective communication, creativity with delivery, and improving the learning experience of the audience. Here are some examples:

  • Your Journey Has All The Strength You Need
  • Leveraging Your Past To Engage Your Future
  • How To Save A Good Chunk Of $15 Billion
  • Developing A Healthy “M.E.S.S.” – “Mental & Emotional Support System”
  • Living Your LIFEFIT
  • Re-Vitalize and Re-Engage Through Self-Care
  • Driving Bottom Line Results Through Executive Coaching And Character Development
  • 10 Things You Gotta Let Go Of To Move Forward
  • Getting Your Bounce Back

With over 20 years of professional speaking, there are very few topics Abe has not touched on.

Please contact us for more information today.

Organizational Coaching – Profit Based, and Non-Profit Based

Having been a business owner, and having led and managed several businesses and non-profits at an Executive level, Abe Brown also coaches businesses and organizations.

Utilizing some of the tools above, we generally follow a process and plan when coaching a business, group, or organization:

  1. Needs Analysis: (Group and Individual)   –   Based on interviews with key leaders in organizations and random selection of employees. Core values based, vision based, strategy based, results and outcomes oriented.
  2. Organizational Profile:   –   Based on info the organization provides, combined with actual market performance.
  3. Intuitive Client Centered Proposal:   –   What do the key leaders want to get out of this? Set up parameters and context in terms of mutual expectations.
  • Workshops & Training – group training tailored around the needs of the client
  • Executive Coaching – coaching tailored around the needs of the client
  • 360 Degree Feedback Assessments