Momentum Moments

7 Secrets Of High-Performance People – accomplish more things, experience more visibility, earn more money, and enjoy more abundance. They nail it, and they have fun doing it! Here are 7 Secrets of High-Performance People, that you’ll want to add into your life and work.
What Makes People Happy – Happiness for some people is an elusive thing…until they discover the SECRET ingredient, and apply it to their lives. Check out the secret ingredient for happiness here!
Overcoming Failure – For some, failure is an end. For others, it is a beginning, and another step in their personal and professional dreams. Don’t let failure define you, but let it develop you as you continue to press ahead and grow into all the success you were meant for!
Recovering From A Crash – Crashes, stumbles and falls happen to ANYONE who isn’t stuck in a cave somewhere, hiding from the world and hiding from reality. If you are breathing, chances are, you have stumbled from time to time. Learn here how to recover from the crashes which inevitably come to us personally or professionally.
The Top 5 Operating Principles Of The Most Successful People – Years ago, I was shaken by a profound experience which changed my life, my worldview, and my professional outlook. I was AMAZED to discover that this experience has also formed the foundation for the philosophy and framework for the most successful people on the planet. Discover it here.
Healthy Relationships – Healthy relationships benefit us personally, professionally, and in the area of productivity. Learn how to cultivate healthy relationships here.
Fear is a pretty Big Deal Today – Fear is the opposite of faith. Fear is so powerful because the same power and results that faith attracts in the positive, fear attracts in the negative. Learn how to manage your fear here.
F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) – Faith is belief that something good will happen, while fear is belief that something bad will happen. Franklin D. Roosevelt: “…the only thing we have to fear is fear itself…” Learn to overcome your fears here.