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Marica Morales

Marica Morales is an Empowerment Coach and your everyday People’s Person. She thrives off of being able to make an impact and sustainable difference whether if it’s for an individual or a larger group of people. Having achieved certification from the Certified Coaches Federation as a Certified Coach Practitioner, Marica has thrived as an individual and leader focusing on her natural talents and strengths to become her best authentic self and encouraging others to always do the same. She is an active Contributor and Ambassador for the Leaders In Heels Organization, which is based out in Australia, and is an online community created to nurture, empower and inspire future female leaders and entrepreneurs.

“People need to feel empowered if they want to see any type of success in their life,” says Marica. “I believe it is so necessary for others to free themselves from the self-limiting beliefs they possess so they can find their authenticity and strive to be the absolute best person they deserve to be. People already have what it takes to succeed, they just need to be able to tap into their inner power and strengths to do so. It definitely helps though when you have that personal cheerleader or you’re surrounded by people who believe in you and who genuinely want to know who you are, what your vision is and what you want. The truth is, when people are at their best and when they truly feel empowered, it will directly impact the engagement and productivity of any team.”

Marica also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications which is the reason why she considers herself to be a Multi Passionate Creative. She LOVES writing, blogging, video blogging and anything that has to do with social media and social content generation. Her skills and expertise in the creative field have allowed her to build a significant following in the time she has been an influencer and coach.

Marica is now tackling the corporate world with Wellness Innovate, a company that exists to create a global shift in organizational culture by enhancing the well-being of employees and leaders.

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