If you’re like most of us, you’ve experienced being inspired at one time or another, and then seeing it fade.lightbulb We’ve all listened to an amazing story, and been inspired to make a change or make a difference. Or, we’ve heard a concept that is new to us, and become fully engaged in it and made new commitments. Or, we’ve enjoyed the thrill of brainstorming an innovative business idea or creating a new partnership or developing a new relationship. Or, we’ve spent long days and sleepless nights focusing ceaseless energy into creating a new product, writing a book, building a new model, or simply strategizing and planning.

Often, here is what happens next: After a first burst of inspiration, we tend to lose momentum. We’ve all experienced being inspired, and seeing it fade away. We’ve all experienced being moved, and seeing it weaken. We struggle to build and then maintain what I call “Limitless Inspiration”.


When we lose our Inspiration, we experience the following:

We get disillusioned… Disillusionment comes when we are free of our illusions. Becoming free of illusions is important, but it can also be painful, difficult, and hard. When we lose our inspiration at times, we become disillusioned.

We become distracted… When we lose our inspiration, we also lose our focus. A loss of focus leads to distraction and the loss of inspiration actually makes it harder to get focused again.

We stop dreaming… Each time we lose our inspiration, it becomes that much harder to dream next time…

Trust me when I say that I’ve been there…

In 2010, my book, “Getting Where You Need To Go”, was published. But, a lot of people don’t know that I started writing Getting Where You Need To Go way back in 2002. It’s not that it took me 8 years to write the book, but when I started writing it, I was all inspired and excited about this book that was going to change the world! So I dove in, and wrote the outline, and the first 40 pages. I was so jacked!

Then, my life completely crashed. I went through major turmoil and transition, and put it on the shelf for 7 years. It was NOT that I lost the ability to write, but my inspiration was gone, and it was not recovered until I had a coaching session with a coach which transformed my life and restored my inspiration. Literally, 7 months after that coaching conversation, the book was printed and in my hand, ready for sale. When I lost my inspiration for those 7 years, I was Disillusioned, Distracted, and no longer Dreaming, When I got my Inspiration back, my talent was harnessed, and I wrote a book in 7 months which still impacts people all over the world!

The good news is, since then, I have discovered a place of “Limitless Inspiration”… I was up and down with Inspiration until I discovered the “ABCs Of Limitless Inspiration”. You can find a place where your Inspiration doesn’t end.

Think with me about people like Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs. These were people whose inspiration did not come and go. They had Limitless Inspiration…

The habits of highly successful people who have Limitless Inspiration allow them to consistently perform behaviors that breed success. Highly successful people who have Limitless Inspiration have learned to develop good habits, and it takes discipline, courage and hard work.


When We Experience “Limitless Inspiration”, We Experience:

Personal Success – Self-Care, and success mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Professional Success – Professional success, and success in Career, Finances, and Influence.

Profit Success – Profit success, is having enough to meet your needs, and the needs of others.

So, how can we experience Limitless Inspiration? Let me share the “The ABCs Of Limitless Inspiration”…


“A” – Alignment – Alignment With Yourself and Your Dreams

What is my specific destiny as an individual? What is the destiny of my company, my organization, or my group? I once heard it said that the seven ages of man are as follows: “spills, drills, thrills, bills, ills, pills, wills”. A lot of people live their lives like that, just going from one stage, one place to the next. They never stop to ask what their specific destiny as an individual is!

I call this your “LIFEFIT”: Your unique combination of passions, interests, gifts, personality, talents, abilities, marketable skills, education, experiences, training, people skills, calling, networking, relationships, & opportunities where you will be blessed. This is your personal Winning Lottery Ticket; that place in your life where everything seems to fall into place. This is our “LIFEFIT”: our unique and distinct shape…

We are all a work of art, and we each have a unique “LIFEFIT”. We all have a “LIFEFIT” specific to us. We’re happy and content when we flow with our “LIFEFIT”. It’s far easier to work with the “grain” we have, our “LIFEFIT”, than against it. We are unique, wonderfully complex, a composite of many different factors. What we were designed to be determines what you were intended to do. When your “LIFEFIT” doesn’t match the role you play in life, you feel like a square peg in a round hole, frustrating you and others. Not only does it produce limited results, it is also a waste of your talents, time and energy.

Abundance always flows from alignment. Throughout history, a sense of calling and Personal Mission has been a force that has propelled people to success and amazing heights, again and again, because abundance flows from alignment. And the fundamental key in all of this is that this abundance, which flows from alignment, is not only for us, but for the people and the world around us.


fulfilling“B” – Becoming – Continual Learning and Self-Development

The truth is we need to be far more tethered to the concept that we are continually changing and evolving and Developing Marketable Skills, than to the concept of being tied to one career or skill set or level of education. We need to embrace the mindset of change and constant growth. We need to continually Facilitate & Develop an abundance of Marketable Skills. The need for continual education and the constant learning of learn new skills has never been greater. Truthfully, our only income security is our ability to change, grow, and develop more Marketable Skills. We all need to constantly explore, hone and develop our not just our Skills but our Marketable Skills…

What is the difference between a skill and a Marketable Skill?

The key question we ask in the area of Marketable Skills is: are they marketable?

Will people pay for them?

The more Marketable Skills we have, the greater our potential. Every Time We Develop A New Marketable Skill, We Break Through Another Financial Ceiling!!

How Can We Increase Our Marketable Skills?

  • Through Lifelong Learning – Keeps the brain sharp & resume packed.
  • Through Training & Skill Development – More courses and workshops and webinars and teaching series.
  • Through Experience – Do not shy away from things you consider below you if they build valuable experience. People pay for experience.


“C” – Connection – With Like-Minded People Who Empower You

Gathering and Connecting Together With Like-Minded People Who Empower You, With Focus and Intention.

In spite of all the blessings in the digital world, and in the online world, there is nothing like gathering together and experiencing real-life connection and real-life people to catalyze a change in your life!!

Isolation is a dangerous thing. When we connect with life-minded people, we unlock the power of intention. Brenna Yovanoff said that, “Intention is one of the most powerful forces there is. What you mean when you do a thing will always determine the outcome. The law creates the world.”

One of the ways we encourage you to connect with other like-minded people is at the CCF Annual Conference in Los Angeles, CA, on January 9-11, 2015. Please check it out here, and I hope to see you there!  http://certifiedcoachesfederation.com/ccfannualconference.html


In the meantime, go out there and be inspired!

Align with yourself and your dreams.Video#1

Continually Become through investing in yourself!

And, Connect with like-minded people who empower you!

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