Creating Momentum

Tools to help you create Momentum in your life!

Momentum is defined as the capacity for progressive development.  It is the power to increase or develop at an ever-growing pace.  Often, we describe Momentum as forward movement – the speed or force of forward movement of an object.  Other words can describe Momentum.  Impetus.  Drive.  Energy.  Force.

In the realm of physics, Momentum is a measure of movement.  It is a quantity that expresses the motion of a body and its resistance to slowing down.  It is equal to the product of the body’s mass and velocity.  We all have a “mass”:  the sum total of our potential and capability and intelligence and ability;  what we bring to the world.  We all have our own personal Momentum…  the product of our personal mass and velocity.  In plain language, Momentum could be described as the energy you release when you are in motion.  When we move, we create Momentum.  When we do not move, we are stuck in a place of little or no Momentum.

Our coaching philosophy revolves around bridging the gap between our potential and our actual, and creating Momentum towards our full potential.  Looking beyond the present challenges and current realities, our vision is to partner with you and create Momentum towards your goals and dreams.  Creating Momentum in relation to people, businesses, and organizations often involves consistently working through a few simple steps…

  • M – MAKE CLEAR Your True Potential, Desires, Goals, and Dreams,
  • O – ORGANIZE Around Short Term (0-2 Years),  Medium Term (3-5 Years) and Long Term (5 Years+) Goals,
  • M – MAP And Identify Every Possible Hindrance, Barrier, and Obstacle,
  • E – EVALUATE Your Current Self-Concept and Storyboard Your Ideal Self-Concept,
  • N – NURTURE The Storyboard Of Your Ideal Self-Concept,
  • T – TOOLS – What Current Tools, Skills, Abilities, and Strengths Do You Have To Get There, and What Should You Develop?
  • U – UTILIZE Partners And Build A Team
  • M – MOVE FORWARD With Clear Strategy & Action Planning

Our entire vision is to help you, your organization, or your business get where you need to go.  Simply put, this involves detailed analysis, presentation of options and outcomes, shifts in thinking, concepts and culture, and creative solutions toward desired results.  Creating Momentum and positive change in relation to people, businesses, and organizations is our goal.

Momentum Coaching provides professional coaching in the following key personal areas:

  • Life Coaching,
  • Relationship Coaching,
  • Goal Setting & Clarity,
  • Self-Concept Coaching,
  • Success and Results Coaching,
  • Spiritual Coaching,
  • Public Speaking Coaching and Coaching For Developing Workshops, Seminars, etc.,
  • Small Business Coaching