Hi, I'm Abe Brown, a Certified Business and Life Coach. I am passionate about helping people live their lives to the fullest by fulfilling what I like to call their LIFEFIT—which is a plan to help you understand how your personal passions and gifts can help you create a profitable personal and professional life. My company, Momentum Coaching, helps business owners and individuals bridge the gap between their potential and their actual. Whether you have a business that you are ready to take to the next level or questions about how to restructure your life so you are primed for success, we can help you.

One of the biggest problems I find with my clients is that they get stuck in the transitions of their lives. What do I mean by that? Transitions are all the changes, both expected and unexpected, that occur during our lives and most people end up getting derailed by these transitions. These can be exciting transitions—like getting married or having a baby or buying a house—but often these transitions are frightening. Obviously, things like divorce, bankruptcy, and the death of a loved one are scary transitions. However, as business owners and as people we face small transitions every day. Whether it's unexpected car problems or an angry client, transitions are everywhere and if you don't know how to thrive during them you'll end up floundering.

Honestly, I am one of those people whose life has been full of instability and transition. I survived an abusive childhood, addictions, and then a failed marriage as an adult. After my divorce I felt completely lost. I felt weak and helpless. I had no idea what to do with my pain or how to move forward.

It was at my weakest point that my breakthrough came: I realized I only had to make one choice to change my life. One simple, easy choice. I needed to decide whether I was going to choose things that helped me thrive or I could choose to keep basing my life on fear. It wasn't easy, fear was more comfortable, but I made the choice to thrive—even in times of transition--and that has made all the difference.

My story really isn't unique. As I've moved through my adult life I've come to realize that almost everyone is facing at least one, if not more, of the challenges I faced. And I've realized that everyone is also facing the same decision I was facing. Are you going to thrive today or are you going to keep living in fear? That's why I went into coaching and why I wrote my books. I wanted to share the things I learned during my most difficult times so that others could benefit from them. People and businesses who thrive during times of transition:

  • Experience less stress
  • Have healthier relationships
  • Express more fulfillment
  • Grow stronger when difficulty strikes
  • Make more money

My ebook, "Momentum to Thrive: 5 Essential Ways to Look at Your Life and Thrive During Times of Transition," details the first steps to changing your life now.

If you want to know how to thrive, today is the day to download the ebook. It's free and easy. Simply fill out the form above and you will be on your way.


"Abe Brown has written a 'to-the-point' book that's jam-packed with big ideas! I highly recommend 'In-Transition' to anyone who is interested in learning how to create more flow, more momentum, and more results."

Derrick Sweet, Chairman, Healthy Wealthy and Wise Corporation & author of Get The Most Out Of Life!
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


"Since I've known Abe Brown, he has helped so many people accomplish their goals. As the 'coach’s coach' Abe has helped many excel in their businesses. I am excited with Abe's latest book wherein he shares personal experiences that will support many people in transition and help flourish their continued growth. Abe is an incredible inspiration to all those around him and I highly recommend his book to those seeking fulfillment as they manage life transitions."

Grace Daly, Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Coach
Miami, Florida, USA


"Abe Brown has written an amazing heartfelt detailed e-book on so many levels. If you want to challenge yourself to take your personal and professional life to the next level, do yourself a favour – read and implement the insights and wisdom the author shares with you. Brilliant!!!"

Charles Marcus
Best-Selling Author and Professional Speaker


"Abe, you have done it again! Each time I read anything you have written, I feel it is written directly to me. This book has a wealth of very personal information in it that is the key to unlocking what I have been struggling with for months now! Reading it, asking myself the questions, and coming to a new understanding of who I am has renewed my hope that making some of the tough decisions I need to make in the near future will not just result in survival of the storm. I will be able to feel more alive and at peace with those decisions.

In addition, there are friends, family and clients who came to mind while I was reading who will benefit greatly from this book! Thank you so much for sharing this with me!”

Kathleen Mullane, Certified Life Coach
Seattle, Washington, USA


"'In-Transition' has been a valuable tool. Not only do I reference it when working with clients, but it has helped me develop clarity and focus for the next exciting chapter of my life. Very motivating! Abe takes a lot of information and communicates it easily and clearly. An fun, important and pertinent read for anyone going through a transition, or interested in adding more value to their lives."

Jen Wende, Body and Mind Wellness Specialist: breathe, move connect through yoga, pilates, meditation and more!
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


"'In-Transition' provides practical tips to become fully-conscious, alive and fulfilled in every moment of your life. It provides simple tools and tips to use to face any transition with grace and ease and to embrace the journey instead of fight against it. Whether you are stuck or in flow this book is a valuable tool to empower your greatest self to shine through.”

Celia Ward-Wallace, Life Coach and Speaker,
Los Angeles, California, USA


“Abe, I just finished reading your newest book, “In-Transition”. As a coach myself (thanks to you), I try to always evaluate and then re-evaluate where I'm going and what I'm doing in my own life. This book is going to be an amazing new tool that I can use myself and when working with others. Thank you for sharing! As always, whether its reading your words or having the privilege to speak to you, I managed to regain clarity of my overall vision. It can be easy to lose this as we meander through life hoping to avoid any pain. Making the easy / convenient choices are not always the correct ones. Congratulations on a job well done!”

Julie Turner, Coach, 
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
@finishline4life (twitter)


“How often have you found information, inspiration and a detailed plan to transform your daily experiences in one place? Much less for no cost and contained within less than 40 pages? In sharing “In-Transition”, Abe Brown provides a practical path and a plan with questions and exercises in each chapter for readers to move through the steps needed for managing change, setting goals, and, most importantly, creating a personal vision. In my experience, often goal-setting is presented as a brief, separate activity, without the depth and needed groundwork to give it substance and sustainability. Abe has managed to weave together the wisdom of looking within, without, and around our lives while outlining the process needed to move forward in creating and achieving meaningful personal and vocational success.

As a certified Life Coach myself, with a focus on working with family caregivers and care receivers, I am excited about applying this approach. Accepting transitions, adapting to change, and discovering what is possible in the present moment offers a way to acknowledge health challenges and loses associated with aging, and is critical for emotional well-being. For family members giving care, lives are often disrupted as shifts of priorities in both personal and work life are necessary. “In Transition” is an accessible and empowering tool to utilize in moving through adversity and creating the momentum necessary to avoid getting stuck in times of distress. Here is the map we need to step out again on the lifelong path of transition, healing and wholeness."

Polly Bass, MA, Counseling, Certified Life Coach
Portland, Oregon, USA


“Abe, I just finished reading “In-Transition”. It is an insightful and motivational guide through change. I loved it and would like to share it with my many colleagues. I can also see myself using it with some, if not many, of my clients. And, I intend to read it again to help me work through some of my own transitions. Bravo!!! Thank you again for sharing your ebook with me! You rock!”

Gabrielle Cormier, Certified Life Coach
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada


“Abe’s new book, “In-Transition”, is worth its weight in gold. He has captured one of the most important lessons of life I wish I had learned many years ago about transitions in life. I can personally say that his approach resonates with me as the 5 ways to look at your life are an excellent foundation for building or re-building your hope for a future wherein you become the best version of you. Once again Abe thanks for taking the time from your busy life to share some more life changing thoughts that I know will make a difference for anyone seeking a fresh look at their lives. Keep on giving your best because I believe you are making a difference.”

Larry Scarbeau, Addiction Specialist/Administrator, Crystal Clear Consulting
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


“Abe Brown is a wonderful example of the positive fruits of successful transition. His genuine compassion for people and earned wisdom ‘well lived’ life experiences, are real blessings for those who take the time to listen. I do!”

Dave Smith B.Comm, CMC, RPM, Founder and Principal of Logia Consulting Inc.
Leadership Consultant and Coach, 
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


“In Transition” is sure to become the "how-to" and workbook for difficult times. Abe skillfully addresses the key elements for transitioning through challenging times with purpose, authenticity and integrity. This is a book I will refer back to myself, and most certainly share with others on their journeys. Bravo Abe, thank you for this gift!”

Misty McKay, CHRP, Certified Life Coach
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


“Abe Brown’s book, “In-Transition”, encompasses an easy and effective approach of helping people reach balance in their lives. Beautifully written and easy to follow, this book is the right fit for anyone looking for change or enhancement in certain aspects of their lives. For me, spring is a time of blossom and this book could not have come at a better time. As I take in the beauty and renewal that comes with this seasonal change, I take the LIFEFIT journey and integrate it in my daily plan. I can’ t wait to read more from this author as he is a true seeker of improving people’ s lives.”

Nicole Smith, Certified Life Coach
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada